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Tony Romo was cruising right along in Super Bowl LVIII, being hailed on social media for a great performance, until midway through the second quarter, when CBS went to a commercial.

As the network cut to the break with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” as the song bumper, Romo began singing along. In falsetto.

Let’s just say Adele does a much better job with the vocals than Romo.

In that moment, Romo reverted a bit to the quirky behavior that has come to irritate many fans. CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus recently said he thought all the criticism was “undeserved,” but he admitted the network had told Romo to ‘calm down a little bit.”

So there was some apprehension, among fans at least, on what Romo would do given a huge stage in the Super Bowl.

Just as many expected, early in the game, “Tony Romo” began trending on X (formerly Twitter) but not for the reasons anyone expected. Instead, fans commented on the analyst’s remarkable restraint

New York Post reporter Ryan Glasspiegel perhaps summed it up best, noting “Tony Romo is playing it straight so far. Like he’s trying NOT to go viral for anything, good or bad.”

Others noted Romo seemed to have slowed down his delivery and rapid-fire pace just a touch, which has been a complaint.

Then came that Adele moment, which definitely got fans buzzing on social media, and not all of them in a good way.

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