Super Bowl blackout Columbia, S.C. Photo Credit: Mike Dojc via X/Twitter

NFL fans in the Columbia, South Carolina, area suffered the ultimate Super Bowl Sunday bummer — they lost their CBS feed before the game.

Many fans flooded X (formerly Twitter) in a state of panic starting roughly 45 minutes before the game, as they discovered the issue.

Fans blamed Spectrum, but the cable provider’s customer service app reported it was an issue with local CBS affiliate WLTX.

However, WLTX’s X/Twitter feed did not mention any outage. Awful Announcing called the station for more information, but there was no answer.

The feed returned for some customers about 20 minutes before kickoff, after being totally out for roughly half an hour. Other customers continued to report an outage.

Many fans whose service returned complained of issues with picture and/or sound quality.

Fans were obviously not happy with the inconvenience.

It sounds like some viewers decided to download Paramount+ to watch the game inside, but that may or may not have worked out better.

[Charles Bloom; Photo Credit: Mike Dojc via X/Twitter]

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