If you’ve somehow missed the storyline this week, Lane Kiffn’s Ole Miss is in Tuscaloosa this weekend to face Kiffin’s former boss (well, one of many) Nick Saban.

That’s been a big part of the news cycle, including Kiffin responding to Michael Wilbon’s attack rant on PTI. Ahead of the game, Jamie Erdahl brought up whether Kiffin had anything ready to go that he knew from his Alabama days would annoy Saban. Kiffin’s response was, well, very much Lane Kiffin:

Kiffin was very cordial with Saban during the pregame meeting on the field, and to start the game clearly came out to try and win. (It’s hard to beat Alabama with field goals.)

Kiffin’s move was clearly meant to set the tone, and possibly set up a viral moment. Imagine that clip in a cut of highlights featuring Ole Miss beating Bama on the road? That would certainly be a boost for recruiting.

Anyway, with seven minutes to go in the first half, Alabama leads 14-0.

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