Boomer Esiason and Nate Burleson broke down a scuffle between the Ravens and Chiefs ahead of the AFC Championship Game. Photo Credit: CBS Photo Credit: CBS

While the AFC Championship Game alone is enough of a pressure cooker on its own, it became more of a pressure cooker on Sunday afternoon as the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens were warming up.

It started with Baltimore’s Arthur Maulet approaching a group of Chiefs. Kansas City’s Jaylen Watson quickly got into Maulet’s face, headbutting him. While the altercation was quickly broken up, Maulet did manage to swipe at Watson before the sides were separated.

While this one didn’t feature star players like the earlier exchange between Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Tucker, it was significantly more intense. And the crew from CBS’ The NFL Today commented on the action.

“You know what? I like this,” Nate Burleson said. “A little pushing and shoving. This is what it’s all about. This intensity is supposed to dial up a notch right now.”

While Boomer Esiason didn’t seem to have any issues with the fight, he did have have a question for Burleson. “But why is it always the defensive backs and wide receivers, the littlest guys on the field?”

“That’s because we’re the feistiest, man,” Burleson replied.

JJ Watt then offered a reason that the biggest guys on the field, the offensive linemen, tend to avoid pregame scuffles.

“We’re saving our energy. We’re big guys. We’ve gotta save our energy for the game.”

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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