Now that the NFL has entered the preseason, just about every media outlet that covers the NFL will have some sort of season preview. Previews come in all forms and can range from a generic prediction on who makes the playoffs and Super Bowl and some are very detailed with win-loss records for all 32 teams.

Last Wednesday, Bleacher Report published their season preview. While they don’t really make any Super Bowl predictions, they do put out a couple hundred words for each team and list what they think their win-loss record will be. It didn’t take very long for someone to notice a potential pitfall on predicting win-loss records for every team.

Unless there are ties, the combined records of all 32 NFL teams must be 272-272 as there are 272 games in an NFL regular season. Even if there are ties, the wins and losses must match because if there’s a winner, there has to be a loser. Jon Hoefling of Deadspin knew that, and when they added up each team’s record, found that Bleacher Report predicted 18 more wins than losses throughout the 2022 NFL season.

Deadspin revealed their findings and Bleacher Report adjusted their records, without mentioning that their original records were mathematically impossible, to reflect a 272-272 record throughout the National Football League.

Bleacher Report took a win away from the Atlanta Falcons (now 3-14), Buffalo Bills (now 12-5), Chicago Bears (now 3-14), Cleveland Browns (now 9-8), Detroit Lions (now 6-11), Houston Texans (now 3-14), and Indianapolis Colts (now 11-6) while taking away two wins from the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-12).

Ironically, the updated records are probably going to be more accurate. I know everyone loves to be optimistic about every team since it’s the start of the season, but the Jaguars at 5-12 is a lot more realistic than 7-10.

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