Producers are shopping a sequel series to "Blue Mountain State," which has developed a cult following among fans in recent years. Photo Credit: Blue Mountain State; Lionsgate Television Photo Credit: Blue Mountain State; Lionsgate Television

Blue Mountain State apparently is headed for a reboot. reports there are “negotiations ongoing” for a sequel series to the original comedy show that featured 39 episodes in 2010-2011.

Much has changed in the years since that series aired on Spike TV (now Paramount Network). The show has developed a cult following in part due to its availability on Netflix, as well as star Alan Ritchson’s emergence as a hot property in Amazon Prime’s popular Reacher series.

According to the Deadline report, Ritchson would reprise the role of Kevin “Thad” Castle. Other stars from the original series, including Darin Brooks and Chris Romano, are also expected back. The series’ original creators, Chris Romano and Eric Falconer, are also slated to return.

Lionsgate Television is producing the sequel, and is looking for a new home for the show. Deadline reports Amazon makes the most sense, given Ritchson’s success with Reacher, although Netflix might be interested.

For those who haven’t seen Blue Mountain State yet, it follows the exploits of a fictional college football team, the Mountain Goats, and all the adventures you would expect to find in a series that aired on Spike TV — binge drinking, sex, drugs and parties.

Ritchson played the part of a freshman newcomer. The series spawned a 2016 movie, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, in which Ritchson portrayed an NFL rookie.

The show’s fans were buzzing with speculation about its return, along with possible storylines.

[, Photo Credit: Blue Mountain State; Lionsgate Television]

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