Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel delivers the opening monologue during the 95th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Aaron Rodgers has officially reached a weird place where Jimmy Kimmel is more comfortable talking to Donald Trump than him.

Kimmel spoke to CNN’s Elizabeth Wagmeister to preview hosting Sunday’s 96th Annual Academy Awards which will air on ABC at 7 p.m. ET. During the interview with CNN, Kimmel claimed nothing will be “off limits” for his Oscar monologue, but don’t expect him to fuel his feud with Rodgers.

Earlier this year, Rodgers appeared on ESPN for his segment with The Pat McAfee Show and recklessly implied Kimmel may have been connected to convicted pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel responded by threatening Rodgers with legal action. Rodgers responded by appearing on ESPN with McAfee again to say he’s being targeted by mainstream media and claim he was not accusing Kimmel of being connected to Epstein. Although Rodgers never explained what he meant when he implied Kimmel’s name might be on Epstein’s list of associates.

Needless to say, Rodgers’ attack on a mainstream media member has seemingly gotten the quarterback banned from a mainstream media platform in ABC’s late-night show hosted by Kimmel. Any tension between Kimmel and Rodgers, however, has not boiled over to ABC’s sister network ESPN, with the quarterback appearing on McAfee’s show multiple times since the reckless connection to Epstein was made.

“Probably not,” Kimmel told CNN when asked if there’s a world in which he would have Rodgers on his show as a guest. “The way I look at it,” he continued, “The next step is for Aaron Rodgers to reach out to me – not the other way around. So, I don’t see that happening. Listen, we have some major differences in the way we think.”

Another person Kimmel has some major differences with the way they think is Donald Trump. Unlike Rodgers, whom Kimmel won’t invite to his ABC show, the late-night host is willing to interview Trump as he gears up for a rematch with Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

I would absolutely have him on the show,” Kimmel said of Trump. “I do think there are a lot of questions I would like to ask him, and I would like to get actual answers. I think most of the interviews that he does don’t require those.”

Years ago, Rodgers was a quiet, rather uninteresting quarterback, albeit incredibly talented. But in the wake of frequenting conspiracy theories, Rodgers’ interviews have reached a Donald Trump level of toxicity.


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