There’s been a lot of great action in Saturday’s Big Ten game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan State Spartans. As for whether or not ABC audiences have been able to appreciate those big moments, well, that’s another story. For some reason, the camera crew working the game are having a really hard time keeping up with the action, and fans at home have certainly been noticing.

Take, for instance, this play early in the first quarter where Michigan State throws a swing pass that’s completed, and…the camera just stays with the quarterback who clearly doesn’t have the ball anymore. Meanwhile, the play develops elsewhere.

Later on, we saw an Ohio State touchdown barely come into view as the camera kept a big chunk of the empty field in focus while receivers ran routes out of frame below.

Ohio State started putting the hurt on Michigan State soon after, and that includes a Spartan pass from the endzone that’s deflected in the air and caught by a Buckeye defender for a touchdown. Though, you’ll just have to take our word for it as ABC went to cover the receivers instead. To be fair, that’s an understandable instinct, but given the rest of the day’s camerawork, it doesn’t look good to miss a touchdown.

Things haven’t improved too much in the second half. Here’s another instance where the camera doesn’t keep up with the development of the play and we miss a pass catch and the clarity of knowing where the receiver is until after he’s caught it.

These are just some of the instances of questionable camerawork for a major college football game being broadcast on a national network, so you better believe audiences noticed.

Is ABC working with a backup crew due to Covid? Hard to know for sure but if any announcement or statement is made we’ll update the article. In the meantime, try your best to enjoy the game, or what you can see of it.


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