Carli Lloyd U.S. Soccer 60 Minutes

60 Minutes is diving headlong into sports and politics this Sunday, interviewing four U.S. women’s soccer players about their ongoing fight for equal pay. Here’s a preview clip, which features U.S. captain Carli Lloyd telling CBS’ Norah O’Donnell “We feel like we’re treated like second-class citizens, because they don’t care about us as much as they do the men”:

Co-captain Becky Sauerbrunn and fellow teammates Christen Press and Morgan Brian were also interviewed. Press tells O’Donnell in the clip that for them, this feels far different than NFL or NBA players’ collective bargaining fights:

“This is a social movement, I think,” she said. “This is about gender discrimination. And I don’t think that positive change occurs in the world unless it has to.”

It will be interesting to see this full interview. The battle between the U.S women’s team and the U.S. Soccer Federation has become a fascinating, and often nasty, one, and the push for pay equity is one that’s important and prominent on many other fronts, including Hollywood. It hasn’t always received a lot of attention from the mainstream media, though, and it’s good to see CBS paying some attention here. We’ll see how their piece turns out.

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