Former NBA superstar Kevin Garnett is serving as a guest analyst for TNT in his first year of retirement, and offers some Inside the NBA commentary from a man cave/studio known as “Area 21”. Knowing that Garnett has a very, very difficult time saying many words without using profanity, TNT made sure to keep a bleep button right next to his seat. And apparently all it takes is a tweet mocking KG to get him to either forget about the bleep button, or simply not care about it.

Following TNT’s broadcast of the Bulls-Spurs game on Thursday night, KG was hanging out with WNBA star Candace Parker in Area 21, when a tweet appeared on the broadcast saying how KG is too old to wear skinny jeans.

“I ain’t too old to do shit, homie,” KG said loud and clear on the broadcast. And the reaction from the Inside the NBA crew was predictably great:

Even with the bleep button, surely Turner Sports was prepared for this to happen when they hired Garnett, and it’s unlikely that too many watching the program after midnight EST really cared about hearing the word “shit”.

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