Desmond Howard

Changing up broadcast roles can often lead to substantial criticism, as ESPN found out when they put boxing analyst Teddy Atlas in the booth for some college football (specifically, some #MACtion) this November. Having College GameDay personality Desmond Howard in a color commentary role isn’t as radical, as he played college football and he’s held that role on some lower-level broadcasts (including the aforementioned one with Atlas) before, but his work during Tuesday night’s Boca Raton Bowl between Western Kentucky and Memphis took a lot of criticism.

Howard spent a lot of time ranting about a targeting call he disagreed with, even long after the fact, and he seemed to be offering plenty of rather out-of-place observations. Here are some of the criticisms of him. As always, these are Real Tweets From Real People:

Every announcer’s going to get some criticism, of course, but the amount levied at Howard was far beyond the norm, and to this observer at least, he was deserving of a fair bit of it. Being the color analyst is a far different role than what Howard’s asked to do on College GameDay, and while he has had some experience in the analyst role as well, it looks like he still has a ways to go. We’ll see if ESPN continues to try him there.

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