The internet is full of people who don’t get a particular joke or reference, and the most stunning example may be whenever a sports media figure quotes 1978’s Animal House‘s famous scene of “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” There are always a million people who chime in, outraged that the figure in question “doesn’t know” it was the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor. Sarah Spain made that reference on ESPN’s Around The Horn Thursday after she put together a tribute of Bill Plaschke declaring Dodgers-Cubs “over,” and her Twitter mentions quickly filled up with people who completely missed the joke. Here’s the clip:

And here are some of the responses:

Now this is mansplaining to the nth degree. I don’t know what’s better, the people utterly sure she’s wrong (#historylesson) or the people confused if it was actually Germany? As Spain noted, she’s done this before, and she even made it real easy for people if they’d bothered to look at her pinned tweet:

Hopefully, this all leads to more people learning the reference for the next time this happens.

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