There are plenty of issues in Rio de Janeiro, from Zika to contaminated water to poor athletes’ village conditions to lost stadium keys, but media bus drivers who can’t find the drop-off area at the central Maracana stadium are a new one. That’s what happened to a bus full of journalists headed to the opening ceremonies Friday, though. Several of them, including Cam Cole of The Vancouver Sun and the Postmedia chain and Mark Purdy of The San Jose Mercury News, live-tweeted the experience of doing laps of Rio:

We’ve seen lost bus drivers before, but one doing several laps of the city seems problematic, especially when headed to the Olympics’ largest venue instead of an obscure one.  Oh well, at least these guys are unlikely to be held up as long as Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur, who wrote about the 42-hour odyssey he faced getting to Rio in the first place. Wait…is Arthur on this bus, too?

Hopefully this bus will arrive at the stadium before 42 hours. If not, Arthur might want to watch out in case the other media members label him a Jonah

Update: They made it.

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