A tradition among football broadcasts is having their panelists make predictions right before the season starts. The takes can be mild, bold or downright hot. On the first week of Sunday NFL action this season, multiple panelists went full Red Spider Nebula.

We’ll start with the coolest take of the day from ESPN’s Trent Dilfer. In a discussion with the panel, Dilfer refers to Sam Bradford as a “driving range quarterback.” Dilfer stated “there’s ain’t a throw [Bradford] can’t make” but followed that up by saying his game doesn’t always translate. Bradford isn’t a star, but he’s thrown 35 touchdowns with just 18 interceptions over his last two seasons – plus, the Vikings gave up a king’s ransom for him. I’d say he’s a bit more than a “driving range” QB.

Let’s crank the heat up. Charles Woodson expressed confidence in Terrelle Pryor, which isn’t an insane thing to do. The former quarterback has looked promising at wideout in the preseason and might have a big year. Woodson thinks Pryor is going to have an enormous year, predicting the 27-year-old converted QB with just two career receptions was going to catch for 1,800 yards in 2016. Realistically, if Pryor reaches half that number it will be amazing.

Finally, over at the NFL Network, former St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk offered up a muy caliente take. In a discussion about Dak Prescott possibly taking Tony Romo’s job (an insane proposition if Romo is healthy) Faulk said because Jerry Jones history of letting go of franchise players, once the Cowboys “Go Dak, you don’t go back.” The statement is a strong example of recency bias. And to make up for his earlier cold take, Dilfer had said, on multiple occasions, that he doesn’t think Romo will ever play again for the Cowboys.

The panelist’s job is to come up with takes to keep the general audience engaged, but next time, maybe pour some cold water on the statements. Pryor isn’t reaching 1,800 yards. Come on.

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