Ira Podell was a widely respected hockey writer when his life unexpectedly took a devastating turn. After suffering through a brain tumor and a stroke, Podell is currently battling for his life and his family is trying to return things (as much as possible) to normal. They recently created a fundraising page in an effort to allow Podell to live and receive care at home.

In a testament to how close professional teams and athletes are with the writers who cover them, the New York Rangers donated $5,000 to the fundraiser. The NHL Players Association made a donation of $2,000, stating: “The players and staff of the NHLPA are thinking about you Ira and wishing you all the best in your recovery.”

Podell’s situation is an extremely difficult and sad one, but the Rangers and the NHLPA trying to help out – as well as the fact the fundraising campaign has already exceeded its goal after just five days – is a cheerful reminder of how close the hockey community really is.

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