The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics haven’t even started yet and NBC’s coverage of the Games has already left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Over the first two days of the women’s and men’s Olympic soccer tournaments, NBC has been inserting commercials while matches are taking place.

NBC isn’t doing this in every match but they have periodically inserted a commercial on certain matches. Wednesday, among other matches, a commercial was shown during the Zimbabwe vs. Germany women’s match on the USA network. Thursday, in the first day of the men’s tournament, the Fiji vs. South Korea match was interrupted with a commercial in the first half.

Normally, when someone watches soccer on ESPN, NBC, Fox, beIN or any other sports network in the United States, it’s largely been accepted that you do not show a commercial during the actual match. Soccer does not have natural breaks for commercials and therefore there is a risk of missing a big moment or even a goal while in commercial even if that means going over 45 minutes at a time without showing a commercial. Over two days, NBC hasn’t missed any big moments or goals but if some are already pissed off that NBC is doing this, imagine the anger if NBC misses a goal.

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