Two days after ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling said Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton “should be buried under a jail somewhere,” another Bristol employee shared strong political views on a public platform.

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown analyst Mike Ditka appeared on the Bernie and Sid morning radio show and when asked, said President Barack Obama is the “worst” president ever.

“Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had,” the 76-year-old said.

The hyperbolic views aren’t all that surprising given Ditka, a staunch Republican, considered running against Obama for the Illinois senate seat back in 2004, saying his decision not to run was the “biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

Ditka said Obama’s a good man but isn’t the leader America needs, like former President Ronald Reagan.

“Barack Obama’s a fine man. I mean, he’s pleasant. He would be great to play golf with. He’s not a leader. This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front. We need somebody like Ronald Reagan,” Ditka said. 

“Every once in a while you’re going to get punched in the chops. But you keep going forward. That’s all there is to it,” he added. “You know it’s not always going to be a perfect situation, but to do what he does, there’s no leadership there. I think that becomes very disgusting to me.”

Ditka capped things off by saying “If I were to vote tomorrow, I’d probably vote for Trump,” just in case you were wondering.

Sporting News reports ESPN declined to comment on the statement, although I can’t imagine they’re thrilled with another huge figure at the company making their strong political views public – even if he has every right to make them.

[Sporting News]

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