The Miami Marlins are a walking gong show, and have been for years. Yet, the 2016 squad hovers around the .500 mark after the first two months of the season, and some around the team are optimistic.

That optimism hasn’t carried over to the local coverage, however, and it’s resulted in some complaints from media members close to the team, including Fox Sports Florida reporter Craig Minervini.

On Sunday evening, Local 10 broadcaster Will Manso fired back with this blistering two minute breakdown of the negative aspects of the 2016 Marlins.

I think my favorite part of this was the line “beloved owner Jeffrey Loria”, which should have immediately told all of us the direction this was going.

Minervini didn’t take the video lying down however, and fired back at Manso.

The reaction on both sides was overblown. The Marlins are what they are, and might always be – a team teetering around .500 with a reviled owner that’s traded away nearly every superstar he’s had over the last decade.

That being said, the team wasn’t really looked at as a contender coming into the season, and they’ve played pretty well with a core of young, exciting players. They do deserve attention from the local outlets, especially given there isn’t a whole lot going on in Miami sports right now.

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