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TNT staff better have its bleep button ready, because Kevin Garnett is coming to Turner Sports.

Turner announced a multi-year contract for the just-retired 15-time all-star Thursday night on Inside the NBA. Garnett will stop by weekly to provide what is sure to honest and passionate commentary. We hear all the time about so-and-so analyst being “bold, unfiltered and raw,” but KG could actually follow through on the promise.

Garnett was introduced Thursday with a (melo)dramatic clip of highlights from his career paired with shots of him saying cheesy things like, “Am I the media now? The next talking head? Nah, I’m KG, and I’m coming to TNT.”

Garnett then chatted with the Inside the NBA crew and joked about the need to have a “cuss button” on hand.

Garnett hasn’t even really started yet, but his banter with Ernie, Shaq, Charles and Kenny is already at an A+ level. The back-and-forth about David West was amazing.

Garnett is known for being both brilliant and eccentric, which is a wonderful combination for a sports studio analyst, particularly on a show  like Inside the NBA that allows its talking heads to veer off script

Via a Turner Sports press release:

“I’m excited to join the Turner family,” Garnett said. “I’ve been a fan for a long time, so I’m thrilled that it’s a reality now.” 

“KG’s incredible passion for the game brings a new unfiltered narrative to our coverage,” said Craig Barry, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer. “This raw innovative approach will speak directly to the fans across multiple platforms.”

It should be fun to see what KG brings to TV.

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