The man accused of throwing a beer at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun-Soo Kim during Tuesday’s AL Wild Card matchup has been charged in connection with the incident.

CTV Toronto reports Ken Pagan, a journalist with PostMedia, has been charged with one count of mischief for the alleged toss. Pagan contacted police after his picture was released to the public and turned himself in on Thursday. Pagan’s lawyer spoke to the media today, stating his client is concerned up his “trial by social media”, saying Pagan has been cooperative with police.

“[we want] everybody to know Mr. Pagan has cooperated with the police. He surrendered himself as he was requested to do with the assistance of council and at this point in time, that’s really all we got to say,” Pagan’s lawyer Tyler Smith said in a statement to media. “We’re a little bit concerned, just with all the, almost like a trial on social media that he’s had to endure. But, right now, the presumption of innocence applies to him were looking forward to getting the exposure in court [inaudible], he’s doing his best to cooperate right now. He’s being charged with one count of mischief under $5000, that’s the only charge he’s been faced with right now and so, that’s the only information we have. We expect that’s the only charge that he’ll have to face. 

Since Pagan was identified by police, social media has been especially hard on him for allegedly throwing the beer during a live play. The Toronto Sun, who’s owned by PostMedia network, the place Pagan works as a sports editor, issued a $1000 bounty for the beer thrower, who might be part of their own company. In an interview with the Sun, Pagan suggested there’s more to the story, saying “I’d love to tell you what happened and my story … but I can’t say anything.”

Either Pagan’s not telling the truth or something is not what it appears to be regarding the beer toss. As his lawyer mentions, Pagan’s innocent until proven guilty, so it will be interesting to see what defense is used in trial, should the case even makes it that far.

[Photo by Stan Behal / Postmedia]

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