John Oliver on doping

In his latest weekly monologue on Last Week Tonight, HBO’s John Oliver dove into the Rio Olympics, but he didn’t cover the topic you may have thought he’d take on.

Instead of lambasting Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian government for their hilariously poor attempts at funding these Olympic Games, or talking about the prevalence of the Zika virus, Oliver instead tackled the doping crisis facing several countries, including Russia.

Oliver raises some interesting points here, but I actually think he missed the mark a little bit by going after the doping agencies rather than the IOC itself, which is a corrupt mess on the level of FIFA.

Also, on the level of “John Oliver destroys [topic]”, this monologue seems pretty weak. Where’s the name calling and ridiculous analogies?!? C’mon man, the internet can’t talk about John Oliver destroying, eviscerating, laying waste to, or obliterating a topic if he’s just going to remain relatively rational the whole time!

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