NHL on NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick was called out by Pittsburgh Penguins’ radio analyst Phil Bourque on the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast on Thursday after Roenick made controversial comments regarding Sidney’s Crosby’s work ethic. Bourque called out Roenick’s professionalism and said the former Flyers forward “at times, doesn’t have that filter in between the brain and the mouth.” 

Roenick wasn’t too thrilled about the interview and sent out a challenge on Friday to Wyshynski to appear on his RoenickLife podcast.


Wyshynski responded by verbally obliterating the former NHL vet.

He even backed up his claim with stats, while throwing a dig at Roenick’s podcast.

Roenick wasn’t done. He went on the warpath against Bourque. In unsurprising fashion, Roenick called out Bourque for being a homer, riding the coattails of Mario Lemieux during his NHL career and for bashing him as an American.









As a commenter pointed out on Twitter, Roenick may have had more career points, but Bourque (unlike Roenick) had won a Stanley Cup during their career. Roenick, of course, said Bourque had only won because of his superstar teammates.


It’s a lot of time spent directing a rant against Bourque, who hasn’t tweeted since April of 2015.

Roenick, like Taylor Swift before him, said haters are going to hate and tweeted that he’s right in his analysis.


Still, after unleashing all of those tweets, Roenick finally responded to Wyshynski’s burn. Like a schoolyard bully, Roenick said Wyshynski declined the offer “like all the kids who picked u last on their team” and called the blogger a “joke.”


Roenick has every right to defend himself, but he comes across poorly in this exchange. Between tweeting at Wyshynski in an attempt for podcast ratings, to getting burned, to going on a tirade against a long inactive account, Roenick probably needs to step away from his Twitter account for a little while. He took the L right on the chin.

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