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When Hollywood studios want to build anticipation and excitement for an upcoming blockbuster, creating a wave of positive buzz, they release a trailer online or give it a special TV spot, like Disney did for its next Star Wars movie, Rogue One, during prime time Olympics coverage a couple of weeks ago. Fox Sports 1 appears to be hoping for the same effect, releasing a trailer for Skip Bayless’ new debate show, titled “Undisputed.”

Actually, the full official title will be Skip and Shannon Undisputed, incorporating not only FS1’s newest star, but also his new on-screen debate partner, Shannon Sharpe (whom Awful Announcing reported would be joining Bayless back in June). The network unveiled the title for its new show in the following trailer, which shows that everyone wants to pick an argument with Bayless.

And that is how FS1 chose to promote its new flashy on-air personality, plucked from ESPN, by showing him as a lonely, grouchy man sitting by himself in a movie theater, arguing with the actors on the big screen. (To be fair, the star of whatever blockbuster thriller Bayless was watching — Is that Morris Chestnut? — started the argument with Bayless when he noticed him in the audience. And it probably would be difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, even trying to defuse a bomb, knowing that Skip Bayless is nearby.)

Where is Shannon Sharpe in this trailer? How about moderator Joy Taylor? Nope, just Bayless ruining everyone’s movie-watching experience by sticking to his tough sports opinions with no room for popcorn and the carbs they provide. Standing up in the middle of a movie? Sit down, dude! People didn’t pay 12 bucks a ticket to see your back, no matter what you think about the Dallas Cowboys’ chances this year!

Wouldn’t this trailer if FS1 was insistent on maintaining this premise be better if it was Bayless and Sharpe trying to defuse the bomb? The two could argue over whether or not it was better to cut the red or the blue wire? Then when they disagree, Sharpe could bring up Bayless picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. Or maybe they could bicker over where they were going to eat after finishing with the bomb. There may have been some potential here for something better is what we’re trying to say.

Skip and Shannon Undisputed premieres Tuesday Sept. 6 at 10 a.m. ET on FS1.


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