The NHL’s new website is a disaster. Ever since it launched, the new website has been met with a ton of criticism which extends well beyond the expected critiques which come with a redesign. The new website is extremely difficult to navigate and even harder to find useful information and features fans have grown accustomed to accessing.

It turns out that fans aren’t the only ones having issues, as evidenced by Alexander Semin’s comments.

Fresh off Gary Bettman praising the new website, former NHL player Semin bashes it. Skating in the KHL, Semin now is in the same position as NHL fans when it comes to trying to follow the league. He, like many others, is having issues trying to find the stats and stories which were previously easily accessible.

Semin’s profile over on is one of the best examples of what’s wrong with the new design. He spent part of 2015-16 in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens, but he’s now skating with¬†Magnitogorsk Metallurg in the KHL. When you visit his player page, you only see his stats from his time in the NHL this year. If you want to see what he’s doing in the KHL this year, you have to click the down arrow to see all of the other leagues he’s been in during his career. It’s far from convenient and it doesn’t paint the best picture of Semin’s career.

The NHL really botched this whole thing. From the timing of the launch of their new services (middle of the season, really?) and the fact their design doesn’t pass the common sense test, it’s a guarantee that many current NHL players are just as upset as Semin and the fans.

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