Sometimes it feels as though negotiations between Time Warner Cable and SportsNet LA have been going on as long as Vin Scully has been broadcasting Los Angeles Dodgers game. Not quite, but the contentious battle that has forced most Dodgers fans to go without the ability to watch their favorite team at home for a couple years now.

Time Warner Cable has been unable to come to terms with cable and satellite providers such as DirecTV, AT&T, Verizon and Cox Communications. With the start of the 2016 season approaching on April 4, it’s now or never to avoid another letdown. Late Tuesday, they made a move that might just end the stalemate by cutting 30% the price of the sports channel to providers (roughly $3.50 per month per subscriber home)

The stated reason for the drastic move? Vin Scully.

“We owe it to Dodger fans to try to get a deal done, especially because of the historic nature of this year with it being [baseball announcer] Vin Scully’s final season,” Time Warner Cable spokesman Andrew Fegyveresi said late Tuesday.

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