Danny Kanell November turtleneck

There are plenty of unusual fashion trends in sports media, but one of the most remarkable is Danny Kanell and the turtleneck. The turtleneck Kanell wore back in January drew plenty of attention, and he told Awful Announcing earlier this month that “I’ll wear one again.”He then ran a Twitter poll last week asking if he should don a turtleneck again, but only got 49 per cent support:

Despite the loss in the popular vote (or a win if this is a plurality and you consider the other two options vote-splitting), the day of turtleneckening has now come. Here’s a clip of Kanell again wearing his black turtleneck on the halftime show for ESPN’s broadcast of the Michigan State – Penn State game Saturday, and discussing Jim Harbaugh’s officiating complaints from the end of Michigan – Ohio State:

As before, Twitter did not take this well:

Calling for a firing over a wardrobe choice seems harsh, but it’s clear Kanell’s turtleneck has its share of haters. As he told AA, though, he appreciates the garment’s practicality and its different feel:

“Warmth and they’re different than the everyday monotony of wearing a suit and tie.”

And Virk gave Kanell some limited praise, at least noting that it garnered attention:

Kanell also noted that numerous athletes, including LeBron James and Roger Federer, have started wearing turtlenecks since January. If Kanell’s really trying to promote the turtleneck, though, he should turn to Sterling Archer:

Don’t worry if you hate Kanell’s turtleneck, though. He told AA earlier that “I’ll wear one again but never thought about making it a staple. I like to mix it up too much to have one look be for me.” The question is if his mixing it up will attract as much attention, though. The turtleneck’s certainly a unique statement, and Kanell’s the only sports media personality trying it these days.

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