The imminent Eastern snowpocalypse has had plenty of effects on sports, and it’s also creeping into the sports media realm thanks to an unusual sourcelocal weathermen. An argument over how much snow would hit Nashville led to Clay Travis being called a “Walmart Skip Bayless” by Nashville NBC weatherman Paul Heggan Wednesday, and Fox 5 Atlanta chief meteorologist David Chandley managed to work college football championships into a response to criticism Friday:

That is pretty great trolling from Chandley, and anything titled “Our Response To The Haters” has to be fun. However, as with most arguments, it all depends how you slice the data; SEC schools have won eight of the last 10 BCS and CFP titles, and another one came from Florida State, but Ohio State won in 2014. Going back 20 years, though, northern schools can really only lay claim to two more titles, Ohio State’s in 2002 and the split Michigan/Nebraska title in 1997. So, describing northern championships as “kind of rare” is reasonably fair. Perhaps that makes the 2014 Ohio State team the equivalent of a snowpocalypse?

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