As the aftermath of England’s 2-1 loss to Iceland in the EURO 2016’s Round of 16 is still being felt across the country, the immediate impact has led to the resignation of the team’s manager and the English newspapers going ham on the team. The headlines on both the front and back pages have certainly not disappointed. Whether it be a tabloid or full-page publication, the headlines and pictures certainly gave readers an idea of what happened in case they didn’t see the game.

First from the Sun:

Certainly not kind. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Then there’s the Daily Mail which used a Brexit pun for the now-ex manager Roy Hodgson who resigned immediately following yesterday’s loss:

The back page of the “I” was a little thoughtful using “Out” as its theme with Hodgson again as the target:

The Times of London went darker for the loss. It also could have been used for World War II for the London Blitz, last week’s Brexit and of course, yesterday’s loss to Iceland!

You can feel the anger from the editors of the newspapers. We’re not done though. The Guardian decided not to focus on Hodgson, but on the team as a whole. “Humiliation” was used:

The Telegraph also went with “humiliation.”

The Daily Express put the loss in the upper right hand corner of its front page:

The Daily Star went with a pun for England’s goalkeeper on its front page. Poor Joe Hart.

On the Star’s back page it was a cod pun. Iceland is known for its cod fishing.

So the repercussions of the loss are still being felt and it appears that the newspapers will be there to continue to put the story on their front and back pages.

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