There was much hullabaloo over last year’s Final Four Teamcasts, now rebranded this year as Team Streams presented by Bleacher Report.  (Because synergy!)  Scores of basketball fans were utterly confused over what they were watching.  Many of them were furious with TNT or truTV for televising a homer telecast, not realizing that was the whole point of the alternate feeds and they were missing the national broadcast on TBS.  It was so ridiculous that Charles Barkley scolded the folks complaining on national television and the on-air talent was left bewildered over the situation.

This year, Turner is trying to raise awareness for the Team Streams to avoid similar confusion once again.  This ad ran during last night’s NBA coverage featuring Steve Smith literally trying to explain the concept so small children could understand.

Well then.  If small children can understand something as simple as the Team Streams, then I’m sure there will be NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with people getting confused on Saturday night this year.  Don’t let us down, America*.

* Saves Twitter search for “TNT” & “bias” to watch the chaos unfold *

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