Ever since Tim Tebow signed with ESPN, both he and the network have maintained that the door would be open for the former Heisman winner to return to the NFL if the opportunity ever arrived.  We never really thought that opportunity would come given Tebow hasn’t taken a snap since the 2013 Preseason and he shone in his rookie year at the SEC Network.

Alas, that day has indeed come.  Both Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer are reporting that Tebow will sign with the Philadelphia Eagles.  (And if you’re scoring at home, Glazer’s tweet was four minutes ahead of Schefty.)

It remains to be seen just whether or not Tebow will be able to make the roster in Philadelphia.  The Eagles quarterbacks are Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley so he’d have to beat out one of them for a roster spot.  However, we all know Chip Kelly is a mad scientist extraordinaire so maybe, just maybe, he’ll find a way to find a place for Tebow that doesn’t involve passes bouncing off of his head.

On the one hand, we’re happy for Tebow that he gets one more chance to prove himself in the NFL.  Yes, SEC Network will have to replace him and it looked like his future was bright on television, but he can always come back.  Knowing how much ESPN loves Tebow, there will always be a seat for him.

But ESPN’s love for Tebow is the downside here too.  Instead of being safely tucked away as a football analyst, now ESPN’s unhealthy obsession with Tebow’s career will surely dominate Bristol airwaves yet again.  Breathless reports about him running shirtless in the rain, updates on whether or not he threw a ball into a trashcan, acapella groups dedicated to him, and *shudders* First Take will ascend back into relevance.


TebowMania 3.0 is here.  May God have mercy on us all…

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