It wasn’t all good news for the NBA in Oakland on Thursday night. Thieves broke into a van being used by NBA Entertainment employees and stole $40,000 worth of gear and equipment while they were eating dinner.

The three men went inside a Panda Express in a shopping center off Hegenberger Road on Tuesday at about 2 p.m. and returned to the van about 20 minutes later to find a window smashed out and several items missing, police said. Five laptops worth an estimated $16,000, camera equipment worth $25,000 and cell phones and personal belongings were gone.

Over the years, the shopping center has been a hot spot for car burglaries. It is situated across Interstate 880 from Oracle Arena and the Coliseum in East Oakland.

That’s just awful. Imagine being ready to start working on the biggest event of the year for your employer…and then, all your equipment gets stolen while you’re fueling your body before the chaos truly begins. It must be absolutely soul crushing. Not only are you losing the equipment, you’re also losing all of the data and work on the laptops as well.

Hopefully, the local police are able to find the thieves and recover the equipment. This is just a terrible situation for the NBA crew.

[Inside Bay Area]

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