Last year we had you, faithful readers, grade the local MLB announcers for our authoritative rankings from 1-30.  It was such a success that instead of arbitrarily ranking the announcers from the NFL, we’re calling on AA Nation once again (I feel like such a sellout for typing that).

Awful Announcing has always considered itself to be a voice for the fan, so what better way to continue that tradition then by giving the readers the chance to generate the announcing grades for the 2014 NFL season.  It’ll operate in much the same way that we did our MLB poll.  All you have to do is provide a letter grade for each announce team A-F and leave a thought in the comments or tweet us your feedback on each.  Those comments and tweets will then be included when we unveil our rankings next week.

Note: Because of the networks mixing and matching announcers with Fox’s MLB assignments and the last broadcast crews at each network calling select games, we’re setting the minimum at four appearances together to qualify for grades.  Sorry, Mike Goldberg.

1) Joe Buck & Troy Aikman

2) Kevin Burkhardt & John Lynch

3) Thom Brennaman/Justin Kutcher & David Diehl

* Kutcher called 5 games with Diehl this season subbing for Brennaman. We’ve grouped them together here, but you can distinguish between the announcers in the comments as for all grades.

4) Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, & Tony Siragusa

5) Chris Myers & Ronde Barber

6) Dick Stockton & Brady Quinn/Kirk Morrison

* Stockton called 5 games with Quinn and 4 with Morrison.  The latter also called two games with Sam Rosen.  Rosen did call 6 games throughout the year, but with 3 different partners, so he didn’t qualify.

Others who didn’t qualify for the rankings: Sam Rosen, Tim Brando, Mike Goldberg (play by play); Donovan McNabb, Brendon Ayanbadejo (analyst).