Pro wrestling fans often compare the form of entertainment to a “male soap opera”. There are wild characters, off the wall storylines, and feats of athleticism.

Someone at Fox apparently took the phrase “male soap opera” a bit too literally though, as the network has bought a show called The Work that Deadline described as a “wresting soap”. Oh boy.

The Work, through 20th Century Fox TV, is set in the world of professional wrestling. It was written on spec by Scott O’Connor, author of the novelsUntouchable and Half World. The script was shopped to cable networks, with Fox stepping up to take it off the table. O’Connor has been interested in professional wrestling and penned an article about WWE star Brock Lesnar in New York Times Magazine in August.

On the bright side, at least The Work isn’t a reboot of a show that had a TV run years upon years ago. I can’t really remember a scripted show about pro wrestling (as opposed to a scripted pro wrestling show), so this could be something new and at least a tad bit interesting. Of course, I’m sure wrestlers and wrestling fans will point out every inaccuracy in the show when (or if) it makes it to air.

It’s still way too early to determine any casting or premiere information, but just know that this is in…the works.


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