ESPN Films has created a new series of short films titled “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports” which will take a look at the drama and excitement of being a sports fan. The six films are directed by Academy Award winner Errol Morris and will air collectively in a primetime special on Sunday, March 1st at 9pm EST on ESPN.

What’s the main idea behind the six films? Morris sums his project up as a look at how sports have seeped into every aspect of a fan’s life.

“Sports, as we all know, touches on everything. It provides a way in to our culture and to our dreams. Each one of the six short films involves an obsession –– whether it is about a horse, an electric football game, or a sports reliquary won at auction. They are all human stories, and it is my hope that we can recognize part of ourselves in each one of them. Many thanks to ESPN for making this all possible.”

The films below appear to be an interesting mix of serious and quirky.

“Subterranean Stadium” – A group of relatives and friends have gathered for years to play electronic football.

“The Heist” – The 1998 theft of the Jordan 23 jersey from the rafters in North Carolina.

“The Streaker” – Mark Roberts, also known as “The Streaker” has streaked through some of sports’ largest events over 22 years. How does he do it?

“Being Mr. Met” – What’s it like to be Mr. Met? Find out from the guy who was Mr. Met between 1994 and 1997.

“Most Valuable Whatever” – Every collectible has its story. The Buttfumble Jersey belongs in a particularly special place and one New York Jets fan made sure that happened.

“Chrome” – A look at the men who own California Chrome, the horse who nearly won the Triple Crown.

After the special this Sunday night, each film will be made available on Grantland throughout the next week.


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