Seriously…..fuck this guy.

We’ve chronicled here about DraftKings first gaining then losing a $250 million investment from Disney, but still holding onto an exclusive ad deal with ESPN. And thanks to that deal, DraftKings is looking to change its look and image.

If you’ve seen DraftKings ads you know they like to make a play on words “You can win a shipload of money!” That catchphrase will be going out as the company moves forward. AdWeek reports that DraftKings admits that their ads have been more on the “sophomoric” and “frat boyish” side and it wants to change that.

Adweek says DraftKings is meeting with several ad agencies and hoping to find the one company that will help the fantasy sports company move into a new era. As it fights with FanDuel and Yahoo for fantasy players, DraftKings expects to make a decision on a new agency by the end of the month.

DraftKings reportedly spent $35 million in advertising in 2014 and will increase that to almost $200 million thanks to its exclusive deal with ESPN. And DraftKings hopes that with that increase in ad spending, it can soften its image from “sophomoric” and “frat boyish.”

The thinking that if DraftKings has reach a wider audience through its expanded ad campaign and a better image, it could get more of a share of the fantasy market, but will it alienate its current clientele through this change? We’ll find out as the campaign begins.



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