It’s been known that TNT’s Charles Barkley loves to talk politics. In the past, he’s ventured into the political realm by making various comments, and has talked about running for office, but on the 2016 Presidential campaign, he’s been quiet until now.

During “Inside the NBA” on late Thursday night, Ernie Johnson and the Chuckster talked about the upcoming Republican Presidential debate on CNN. Barkley first talked about Donald Trump calling his stance on Hispanics “insulting” and on Muslims “even more insulting.” He said it’s sad whenever Trump insults people, his poll numbers go up and he also called his supporters “losers.”

Then he turned his target on sister network CNN saying “They’ve become like Fox News for the Republicans to be honest with you,” saying that it’s been chasing sound bites to get attention and adding that “it’s been sad and frustrating that our company has sold our soul for ratings.”

The entire segment can be seen below:

Barkley said he was thinking of supporting a Republican this year after voting Democratic in the past saying he’s leaning towards Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Only Barkley can really opine in such a way and be given that kind of forum to talk about anything relating to sports and culture.


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