If you ever wanted to have an inside radio conversation with someone, well, inside radio, there is no better person than Paul Pabst, producer of the widely heard and viewed The Dan Patrick Show.

Pabst talks about what it’s like to do radio on TV, and how the production crew for the TV side of things is in Los Angeles, not on set with them, calling the it something of a Truman Show situation. We also find out what all of the Danettes actually do all day!

We run down the Sports Illustrated Twitter people to follow list to see if either of us are on it (note: nope) and fall into a conversation about both Paul and Dan’s relationship with ESPN.

We get the inside story on DP’s return trip to Bristol for Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter, and get some candid thoughts on Colin Cowherd and other recent ESPN departures as well. Is the enemy of their enemy their friend?

paulie-biocard-centerPabst tells a great story about the time Kobe Bryant called in to DP because he was listening which sparked a conversation about how prepared one has to be to do an impromptu interview. As someone who did radio and was notoriously rigid with interview preparation, that freaks me the heck out. But Pabst does surprise Patrick sometimes, if only to keep him on his toes.

We talk about who had the best year on the planet in 2015. Was it Donald Trump? Was it Steph Curry? And would you rather watch LeBron playing in your back yard or Steph Curry playing on TV? Pabst and I disagree on that answer.

We name drop both Bruce Arians and Dick Butkus as well, and we talk about what Pabst would do if Patrick decided to retire. “I don’t think I would work in this industry,” he says, stating that he loves working with Dan and doesn’t see himself doing the same job with another host.

Could writing be in his future? We talk about that and a heck of a lot more, in a very fun conversation with one of the best producers, and best guys, in radio.

About Dan Levy

Dan Levy has written a lot of words in a lot of places, most recently as the National Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. He was host of The Morning B/Reakaway on Sirius XM's Bleacher Report Radio for the past year, and previously worked at Sporting News and Rutgers University, with a concentration on sports, media and public relations.