In January of 2010, the Phillies-centric blog Zoo With Roy was created. The blogger, known as Zoo or ZWR, simply wanted to go to the zoo with his favorite new Phillies pitcher.

Four and a half years later, it happened – ZWR went to the zoo with Roy Halladay.

Who could have ever imagined that this would actually happen? When the Internet collides with real life, things get scary. This is like Bo Pelini bringing his cat to Nebraska’s spring game. We’ve reached another dimension, folks.

The weirdness was ratcheted up even more during a #DocChat on the Phillies Twitter account, when Halladay not only acknowledged the visit, but embraced it.

I’m really not sure if any athlete has raised their stock after retirement more than Halladay, who has proven himself to be an incredibly self-aware, hilarious guy, a sharp contrast from his all-business demeanor on the mound.

Let this be a lesson to prospective sports bloggers everywhere – dreams do come true.  Maybe you can take a trip to your local aquarium and/or theme park with your favorite athlete some day.

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