What do you do after the greatest moment in your professional career?  You cut a monster heel promo on the guy you just beat.

Seahawks All Pro CB Richard Sherman made an incredible play in the endzone to force an interception on the 49ers' final drive and send Seattle to the Super Bowl.  After the game, he transformed into Ric Flair and gave one of the most polarizing postgame interviews in the history of sports.

After trolling 49ers WR Michael Crabtree by trying to shake his hand after Sherman's tip, he kicked it up a notch further in the postgame by calling out Crabtree by name and proclaiming himself the best cornerback in the league.  Erin Andrews' deadpan response only adds to Sherman's one-of-a-kind interview. 

Sherman is a smart man who writes a regular column for SI's MMQB.  Love him or hate him, he sure makes things interesting.

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