The latest chapter in Dennis Rodman's renegade ambassadorship to North Korea is taking a merry band of retired former NBA players to the third world country.  As a "birthday present" for ruthless dictator Kim Jong Un, Rodman's retired players will be playing a North Korean All Star team.

To promote Rodman's bizarre "basketball diplomacy", the worm and his team talked to Chris Cuomo on CNN.  And once Rodman began speaking, things transitioned from being weird to just plain troubling.  Cuomo asked Rodman about American Kenneth Bae, who's being held prisoner in North Korea.  In a stunning piece of footage, Rodman appeared to be speaking against Bae and defended his buddy the dictator.  He then exploded at Cuomo in a bizarre, angry rant that defied explanation…

Just look at those players surrounding Rodman.  You can almost see all of them trying to plot their own escape while Rodman is raving like a lunatic.  Poor Vinny Baker.

What started as a sideshow has now developed into something seriously disturbing as Rodman's bromance with one of the most evil men in the world continues to bask in the limelight.  Let's just hope these players make it back without being eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs.

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