The transitions between anchors are sometimes the best moments of the Olympic coverage.  On NBCSN as early morning host Rebecca Lowe passed the baton to Al Michaels, the voice of Sunday Night Football dropped one of his patented gambling references that are the stuff of internet legend.  Michaels bet Lowe "even up, 15 pence" on an American curling victory against Great Britain.

In case you were wondering, 15 pence is a quarter in US dollars.  Makes me wonder if Al's on a cold streak, or if he just has that little faith in the American women's curlers, who are 0-2 thus far in the round robin tournament.

God bless this country, where veiled references to degenerate gambling can become such a treasured part of our sporting lexicon.  Al Michaels is just the best.

H/T DavidPetroff

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