The heavily-hyped, highly-anticipated launch of WWE Network hasn't gone well in the first hours of its launch. In fact, you could argue that the launch couldn't have gone worse. Because of the immense demand for the network, the WWE Network website has crashed and signing up has been impossible.

In fact, if you try to sign up for WWE Network right now at their website (, this is what comes up in your browser

Oh. Oh, this is not good, not good at all.

Predictably, wrestling fans across the country are not pleased.

The WWE didn't have much of a response on social media for their fans.

At least WrestleMania isn't a week away. I'd assume all of the issues are related to everyone trying to create accounts at the same time, because people who have actually been able to get their foot in the door have said they're able to dip into the massive vault of content. We'll see what ends up happening when users try to watch live streams at the same time, because if the streaming of WrestleMania in six weeks is a disaster, it would be a huge blow for WWE.

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