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This CSN Houston drama seems like it will never end, but it looks like proceedings are finally getting close to reaching a breaking point.

On Tuesday, the Rockets objected to a request by Comcast to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in management fees. The Rockets, like the Astros, haven’t been paid tens of millions of dollars in rights fees, and are understandably angry about Comcast pocketing money when it’s quite uncertain as to whether or not the network can take care of its other bills.

Comcast also did a 180 on its position to buy the network two weeks ago. They initially stated they were prepared to buy the network and remove it from bankruptcy, but the Rockets are now claiming that Comcast’s reasoning for changing course is a “cursory explanation that is not creditable.” Well, nice to see that everyone is still on good terms here.

The Rockets also fired another shot at Comcast saying that, “as a result of Comcast’s inexplicable and abrupt withdrawal of its commitment to bid for the network there is now no clear path to a plan of reorganization and no certainty that creditors of any rank will be paid in full.” Essentially, they’re claiming that CSN Houston seems doomed to fail.

None of this is surprising at all. There’s another closed door meeting set for April 11th, and hopefully, more will be resolved then. However, given the issues that the Astros and now the Rockets have with Comcast, it’s looking more and more like CSN Houston is circling down the drain.

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