Luis Suarez is a brilliant footballer and a cannibalistic madman.  You always knew he was going to do something extraordinary during this World Cup to make the headlines, it was just a matter of if it would come from Column A or Column B.  Well, thanks to his match-winning performance against England and nefarious moment against Italy, it’s both!

Video and photographic evidence caught the Uruguayan trying to take a chunk out of Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder.  In fairness to Suarez, maybe it’s not that he likes biting people so much, it could just be that he takes his Walking Dead fandom to the extreme.

The third Suarez bite of his career is the talk of the sports world at the moment and as the reactions came pouring in, some of them are worth lifting up.

McDonald’s Uruguay sent this tweet (yes, McDonald’s Uruguay has its very own Twitter page) that Google roughly translates to “Hi @ luis16suarez, if you feel hungry come take a bite at a BigMac ;)”

Huffington Post UK started the punny headline game with this strong take…

And then there was Evander Holyfield, who had this priceless reaction that was more or less a shrug of the shoulders…

Sure, Luis Suarez will probably be banned for a long, long time and who knows what this will do to his future career at club or international level.  But credit Suarez for scoring goals his against England and biting an Italian player instead of the other way around.  I’ve never heard anyone say a nice thing about how British food tastes.

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