Jason La Canfora told his followers what he was going to do.  He was going to tweet out the news of who was being picked in the NFL Draft before it was announced on television.

This was not the first year he would do so, nor will it likely be the last.  Followers and football fans are given ample warning.  If you don’t want draft spoilers, don’t follow Jason La Canfora.  And just to be safe, don’t log on Twitter.

Outrage over spoilers on Twitter, especially as it relates to the NFL Draft, is one of the most mind-numbing, ludicrous, imbecilic things about social media as we carefully explained yesterday.  Why people get more angry about television spoilers than actual things in this world that matters is something I’ll never grasp.

So how did things play out last night?  Did everyone handle La Canfora’s tweets in a calm and reasonable way knowing full well that he was merely doing his job?  Or were there NSFW swear words and threats to do bodily harm filling his mentions?

You can probably figure out where this is going.  As just one example, here were the replies to JLC’s tweet that the Jaguars would take Blake Bortles at #3 in the draft’s first huge surprise.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…


But wait, that’s not all!

Now you would think that after 30 picks and several hours of tweeting picks before they were announced live on television that people would figure out to not follow Jason La Canfora if they didn’t want draft spoilers.  Of course, logic would dictate that if you were following someone who made it well known he was going to tweet draft spoilers that folks would have gotten the message loud and clear before the draft.  Alas, that was clearly not the case either.

Here were some of the reactions to JLC’s announcements that the Denver Broncos had selected Ohio State CB Bradley Roby with the 31st overall pick.  The 31st pick.  SPOILER RAGE: ENGAGE.


If only these people had some kind of warning… some kind of message from a person to let them know what was going to happen ahead of time…

If only…

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