Turner is experimenting with local teamcasts tonight with alternate feeds dedicated to each team competing in tonight’s Final Four.  While the national feed is on TBS, TNT and truTV are dedicated to broadcasting the games from one of the team’s perspective.

Turner has gone as far as to hire announcers related to the schools for the teamcasts, they’ve been showing tweets from fans for the schools, doing interviews, and showing stats for those teams.

The Teamcast idea has thoroughly confused some viewers.

Fans have been tweeting all night complaining about “biased” announcers on TNT, not realizing that it’s a part of the Teamcasts and the national feed is on TBS.  Part of the confusion must be coming from the fact that the Final Four is appearing on cable for the first time and viewers are just going to TNT first.  Apparently, the giant “Gators/Wildcats Teamcast” logo at the top right of the screen wasn’t enough of a clue for them.

So many people have been complaining about the biased homer announcers on the teamcasts that Charles Barkley called them out at halftime of the Kentucky-Wisconsin game.  Barkley said in disbelief, “You’re all complaining about the teamcasts, they’re supposed to be homers!”  Unfortunately, Turner must not have prepared for the incredible reality that some viewers out there would fail to realize that their teamcasts were supposed to be biased.

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And don’t worry, at least one person bothered to find a biased broadcast on truTV…


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