The Moneyball movie isn’t exactly a perfect representation of the Moneyball book written by Michael Lewis. Notably, the movie virtually ignores the Oakland Athletics’ starting pitching trio of Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito, who played a huge role in the team’s success during that magical 2002 season.

Mulder, who now works as an MLB analyst for ESPN, claimed to have never seen the movie. On Wednesday night, he changed that, and like all people with Twitter accounts must do, he tweeted his thoughts on the movie as it went along. Mulder offered an interesting look at the film from someone who was actually there, and did a good job at pointing out the various historical inaccuracies in Moneyball.

So all in all…Mulder liked the film and thought it was embellished. But hey, that’s Hollywood. Regardless, it was still pretty cool to hear the viewpoint of someone who was actually involved in what happened with the 2002 A’s give his thoughts on the movie. It’s one thing for someone who covered the team or watched the team to give their thoughts, but for someone who was actually in that clubhouse to discuss Moneyball was pretty great.

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