Running out the clock on the news cycle’s reporting on ESPN’s Michael Sam “not showering with other dudes to be respectful” “story” means we’re going to hear from many of the usual parties that comment on such things. Jon Stewart, ever the sports fan that he is, weighed in on the story on last night’s Daily Show. He then enlisted correspondent Samantha Bee in a second segment on ESPN’s flub.

The past couple of days since coming back from a two-week break have been more pointed than actually funny from Stewart and his team, and this fits in. While there are a few hard jokes regarding this issue and Bee’s segment is mostly comedic, Stewart makes it a point to show how unfunny and sad it is that this is a story at all.

That might be the attitude we want to take away from this, and then let’s get on with our lives and the NFL season, in which hopefully Sam will be taking part.

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