The NFL Draft continues to get more and more bloated. It may somehow eventually drag out even longer, according to’s Jeff Darlington.

A four day Draft event. Think about how unwatchable the final day of the Draft is (compared to the first two days, which are slightly more watchable). Now go ahead and double that coverage. It’s madness.

I wonder what a four day Draft split would look like – obviously, the first round would remain on the first day and the second round would remain on the second day, but what about the rest? Would each of the final three days have two rounds? Would the final five rounds take place on the final two days, split up with two rounds on one day and three on another?

I don’t even know what the purpose of a fourth day would be, aside from seeing how many sheep the NFL can continue to lead to their programming. There is hardly any coverage of the actual draft on the final day already, imagine what it would look like with an extra day and (more than likely) even more airtime to fill. It would be a nightmare – albeit a nightmare that pulls in at least three million viewers.

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