Sochi has already been pretty kind to NBCSN. Covering the Winter Olympics for the very first time, NBCSN posted some huge numbers on their first day of broadcasting from Sochi. Though the day as a whole was a strong one for NBCSN, the team figure skating event on Saturday became the network's most watched event ever. 

The new team figure skating competition drew an average of 4.9 million viewers, breaking NBCSN's old record of 4.4 million viewers set by the USA women's soccer gold medal game during the London Olympics in 2012. On Sunday, NBCSN's Olympic coverage hit 5.5 million viewers for live gold medal coverage of the men's ski jump and set record numbers for the second time in as many days.

Pretty solid numbers for NBCSN out of the gate. It was no mystery that the Olympics were going to boost the numbers for NBCSN, but it's safe to say the network is pleased with their early returns. Winter Olympics are usually not as potent in the ratings as the Summer games, and especially with the time difference in Sochi this has to be a major victory for the network. Perhaps it should tell NBC that showing more events live is the way to go? 

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